The WhisperThe Whisper

By Emma Clayton

Mika and Ellie, two telepathic twins finally together again, will have to play along with the evil tyrant Mal Gorman’s plan if they want to ever liberate the army of children. The children have been brainwashed and micro-chipped, but the twins have one secret: they can control the army. However, Gorman has his own ideas. He wants Mika and Ellie to fly over the wall in a pod fighter and steal a top-secret serum from Raphael Mose. Gorman foresees a future in which he becomes eternally young, but the twins have their own secret plan. They can hear The Whisper and it’s telling them to lead their elite squad of mutants in a revolt that will either save it – or start a war.

The Whisper, the sequel to The Roar, has action-filled pages that pull you in. Because Emma Clayton uses wonderful words and description, there aren’t any pages that will bore you. “It flies along like a laser beam from a blaster,” says Eoin Coifer, and I completely agree. Once you start reading you will not want to stop until you reach the final page. The book draws out tons of emotion from you as you read, including happiness, laughter, and many others. Overall, The Whisper is a terrific book, and if you love tales of action and adventure, I would recommend reading this outstanding story, because you will definitely enjoy it.

Reviewed by Colin


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