Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Book Six: The Last Hope

by Erin Hunter

The ultimate battle of Dark Forest versus StarClan and the cat clans approaches. The Dark Forest has recruited many Clan cats to aid them with killing the good cats in the world. Meanwhile, Lionblaze, Layfeather, and Dovewing search for the fourth cat in the prophecy, a cat destined to save the Clans with his last life. Then it hits them – Firestar, is the fourth cat destined to save the Clans, hence the earlier prophecy, “Fire will save the Clan.” Do not miss out on this great, action-packed adventure of epic proportions!

This is it: the final adventure in the whole series! I love the plot of the this story, down to the final leg of the battle, where Firestar takes on his old enemy from the Dark Forest: Tigerstar. Again, the characters were great and I love the personality and change of perspective. My favorite part in the whole series had to be the final battle, when the Dark Forest invades. I love the action-packed battle scenes down to the saddest part in the whole series. I definitely have to recommend this whole series to any fantasy reader. I know it’s my favorite series.

Reviewed by Will


8 responses »

  1. Will says:

    As I said, best book ever!

  2. Will says:

    You must read thy series!

  3. colston says:

    I think I’ll start reading the series.

  4. Will says:

    I know it is the best series ever. Just start on Into the Wild.

  5. Clary says:

    i love your book review and i am really close to finshing the series and can not wait to read that series
    love clary

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