The Warriors: The Forgotten Warrior

By Erin Hunter

This story takes place in the lake territory. The loner Sol plans to spread false information through the clans. He says to attack WindClan, but he is actually planning with them. While spying on WindClan, Ivypool and Blossomfall make an interesting discovery- Lionblaze and Jayfeather’s sister, Hollyleaf, did not die. In fact, she is alive and well. The Dark Forest cats are preparing for a huge invasion, and they recruited many unsuspecting Clan cats.

This story had great flow and vocabulary. I loved how complex the story was, switching from one character to another, then another, then back to the first. Also, I liked all the different personalities from the different cats. One of the best scenes was when WindClan attacked and how Hollyleaf taught the cats how to fight underground.

Reviewed by Will


7 responses »

  1. Will says:

    Very good series!

  2. EmmyLovesCupcakeBubbles says:

    CutE kitty!!!! ❤

  3. Will says:

    Cute but violent kitty!

  4. EmmyLovesCupcakeBubbles says:

    I’ve read the first book and it’s good

    The kitten is not too evil though.. He’s just a warrior

  5. Will says:

    Just you wait. Kitty gets more violent.

  6. Clary says:

    again i love your book review
    love clary

  7. Alora says:

    This series is awesome! I cannot describe its awesomeness…

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