by Allie Condie

This wonderful book is about a girl named Cassia. She lives in the Society where the Officials decide where you work, who you love, and when you die. Sometime when you turn seventeen, you have the Matching Banquet. The Society chooses who you will marry and have kids with based on studies and statistics. That’s all they care about. Everybody thinks the Society is perfect and they wouldn’t be living without them. Until Cassia is Matched, she knows something is wrong. Now she has to decide between two impossible choices: Xander and Ky.

This story takes place in the future and is told by Cassia. I recommend this book to everyone who loves The Hunger Games. Matched is soon to be a trilogy. The three books are: Matched, Crossed, and Reached is coming out soon.

Reviewed by Jada


8 responses »

  1. ross says:

    Sounds good, Jada.

  2. teachergirl says:

    I just finished reading this. It’s similar to The Hunger Games in that the government appears functional and ideal, but in reality is the opposite. This genre is called dystopian.

    I thought Allie Condie did a good job developing Cassia – she’s a great example of character development in a story.

    Ms. Lindsey 🙂

  3. sweetiecamie says:

    I read some but I really didn’t like it. Should I read more?

  4. Jada says:

    EmmyLovesCupcakesBubles, it is a great book and you can check it out in any library. Also, if you have a Kindle or iPad or any kind of eReader you can buy it.

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