His Majesty’s Dragon

By Naomi Novik

This amazing book is the story of Capt. Will Laurence and his extraordinary dragon Temeraire. Laurence’s ship has captured a French frigate carrying a valuable dragon egg. When the egg unexpectedly hatches on the voyage back to England, Laurence becomes the owner/rider of the dragon, which he names Temeraire. Laurence and Temeraire undergo lots of hard training before they are placed in a formation. They soon meet two new friends, the dragons Lily, an acid spitter, and Maximus, a huge Regal Copper. Those two dragons are also in the same formation as Temeraire. This book is the story of the hardships and battles that the Laurence and Temeraire go through.

This story is told in the Napoleonic era, but Novik puts an interesting twist on it and has it fought with ships and dragons. Novik does a great job describing the characters and dragons. I have read many books with dragons, but never one quite as special as His Majesty’s Dragon. This is a great book filled with action packed aerial battles, dragons, and just is a great story overall.

Reviewed by Colin


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  1. ross says:

    Sounds awesome

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