Warriors: The New Prophecy

Book One: Midnight

By Erin Hunter

Brambleclaw, a young warrior in ThunderClan, was sent a dream from StarClan, the spirits of his warrior ancestors, telling of doom to the forest. They also say he must meet up with three other cats at the new moon. So they find out they have to go to the ocean to speak to Midnight. But the journey includes many perils such as a crazy old rogue who blindly leads them through the city and a rat attack in a garbage dump, among others. Finally they meet Midnight. She says the forest will be destroyed and some other things to the cats.

This book was one of Erin Hunter’s finest books. I liked how after the third chapter, she switched the view of the story from Brambleclaw to Firestar’s daughter, Leafpaw, then back and forth for the characters for the rest of the book. Also, as always, she has great vocabulary, flow, and put a lot of action into the story. I recommend you read this book if you haven’t, but read the original series first.

Reviewed by Will


3 responses »

  1. Will says:

    This is the best series on earth. You must read it.

  2. Colindude says:

    I read this, it is a good book. Nice review Will!

  3. Will says:

    Best series ever!

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