Theodore Boone: The Accused

By John Grisham
Genre: Mystery

When a computer store called Big Macs gets robbed, Theodore Boone doesn’t know what he is in for. After being accused by two professional  detectives for robbing the store Theo gets in a big mess that he can’t get out of. So he tries to solve the crime with his uncle Ike and some of his friends. Can Theo solve the mystery before the police arrest him? Read to find out.

I think that John Grisham does a good job of writing children’s and adults books, especially this one. He does a good job of making the reader think “What happens next?” This book is the third book in the series. This book is definitely a one- of a kind book. It is one of the best books.

Reviewed by Ian


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  1. cole the mole says:


  2. bean burrito says:

    you will love the trilogy so far

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