Oliver Twist

By Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is about a young orphan, Oliver. Oliver lives at a workhouse but after asking for more food, he is kicked out and goes under a coffin maker’s care. After having to flee the house Oliver lives in the streets of London for some time before running into the Artful Dodger and his gang of pickpockets. After being caught stealing Oliver barely escapes going to prison and is taken in by kind Mr. Brownlow. If this sounds like an interesting book to you, read on!

Charles Dickens does a good job of describing each character’s personality and showing how each one acts. He also describes everything in a way to make you feel like you’re with Oliver as he goes on his journey and makes new friends including the Artful Dodger and Mr.Brownlow. Overall, Oliver Twist is a great book that I think everyone should read.

Reviewed by Colin


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  1. cole the mole says:

    Sounds good. I might read it.

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