A Series of Unfortunate Events: The End

By Lemony Snicket

Genre: Adventure

When Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are shipwrecked with their treacherous companion Count Olaf, they know something very bad will happen. After spending a year on a mysterious island with mysterious people, something very very bad does happen. Something so bad that a person could die within an hour. Can they survive?

I think that Lemony Snicket put in a lot of suspense and detail. All that suspense and detail made it one of those books that you finish in two days. It was definitely one of those books for me. It was so good that when I was three quarters of the through my mom thought that I had been skipping pages. In the end this book was one of my favorite books.

Reviewed by Ian


4 responses »

  1. bean burrito says:

    This book is such a good book.

  2. Colindude says:

    I have read this whole series. It is OK.

  3. bean burrito says:


  4. cole the mole says:

    The movie is not the best.

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