No Ordinary Day

By Deborah Ellis

No Ordinary Day is a book about a girl named Valli who lives in a small city called Jharia. In Jharia, her days are spent picking up coal and fighting with her cousins. She is never scared or upset except when she sees what she calls “monsters” which are actually people with a bad disease called leprosy. She is a little sad because of what her life is turning out to be, but she is glad that she will never turn into one of the monsters. Then she learns that the people taking care of her are not her parents, and she runs away from home. She goes through many tragic events that scar her forever. She learns many hard lessons and the many ways life can be lived. The book has a lesson to learn and really gets you to think about others.

Deborah Ellis did a great job thinking about what the characters would be thinking or saying. It is amazing the way she made the writing so that it would be in first person. The writing really made me think about how lucky people are to have parents and a real family. The writing had great flow and nothing was ever confusing. I will always remember this great book.

Reviewed by Colston


3 responses »

  1. bean burrito says:

    Sounds like a good book nice job colston

  2. Colindude says:

    This book looks interesting.

  3. cole the mole says:

    Sounds good.

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