The Mysterious Benedict Society

(Book 1)

By Trenton Lee Stewart

Genre: Adventure

This book is about four children who took tests in order to get into a secret society. Once they passed all the tests the four children meet at a big unusual house where they meet Mr. Benedict who tells them what’s to come. All of the sudden the lights turn off and a burglar signal sounds. They soon realize one of the four children is gone. Will they find the child? Read this book to find out.

I think Trenton Lee Stewart does a magnificent job of putting a picture in your mind. Also I think this book is cool because you learn from it. Before I read it I didn’t know what Morse code was. My favorite thing in this book is how it describes the characters to perfection.You can always know what they’re thinking based on their actions. I very much recommend this book to readers who love action and adventure, but even if you don’t you should still read it.

Reviewed by Dylan


23 responses »

  1. Eli10 says:

    I love your review and I want to read it.

  2. marc13 says:

    I love this book!

  3. Colindude says:

    This book is great. I also like the second and third.

  4. Emmy-nem :D says:

    this is an awesome book! although it is 480 pages, it is awesome!!!! 😀

  5. alipie says:

    I’ll read it!

  6. ross says:

    Sounds great, Dylan.

  7. S.awesome says:

    Dylan…this is a GREAT review.
    I’m so going to read this.

  8. S.awesome says:

    Is this your book club book?
    If not… which book club book are you reading?

  9. colston says:

    I am really going to read this book as soon as I get a chance. Nice review Dylan.

  10. Bijja says:

    My sister read this book she said it was good.:)

    • Emmy-nem :D says:

      I just met my reading goal tonite on this book and where I am at now is awesome!

      I totally reccomend this!

      Great review!!!!!

  11. UmbrElla says:

    i agree with all of your opinions

    i dont think my review of this book would have been as good as yours

  12. Emmy-nem :D says:

    I can see why this is in the category of, “mysterious”


  13. S.awesome says:

    No efence Emmy but it’s kind of easy to tell.

  14. S.awesome says:

    If it wasn’t… that would be stupid.
    And I meant to say offense.

  15. S.awesome says:

    Good, but you see my point right?
    How many books are in the series?

  16. S.awesome says:

    I LOVE this review sooooo much.

  17. bean burrito says:

    i have read the entire series.

  18. Colindude says:

    This book and the rest of the series is awesome!
    Nice review Dylan.

  19. bean burrito says:

    I agree with colin

  20. cole the mole says:

    Everyone say these books are great. I might try them.

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