Attack of the 50-Ft Cupid

(Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist #2)

By Jim Benton

The book Attack of the 50-Ft Cupid is a good book because they make a little seven-year-old girl a mad scientist.  When Franny’s mom tries to give her a dog, she doesn’t want him, but she takes Igor in.  When Valentines Day arrives she can’t figure out how to make good valentines.  Instead of making valentines, Franny makes a device that makes pictures come to life.  Igor tries to help Franny make valentines but he messes the valentines up.  Then Franny tells Igor he can only touch his rubber ball.  When Igor tries to get his rubber ball, he just makes a disaster.  If you want to find the rest out you just have to read Attack of the 50-Ft Cupid.

This book is good because it puts you in the character’s shoes. For example, the author uses descriptions of Franny’s feelings such as being nervous.  I also like it because it makes me laugh when funny parts happen, like when Igor bites Cupid’s butt.  The book is so good it makes me want to read it again and again.  And that’s why I think that Attack of the 50-Ft Cupid is good.

Reviewed by Cameron


17 responses »

  1. Emmy-nem :D says:

    Sounds… Interesting?

    Awesome review! 🙂 😉

  2. Karcasori says:

    it sounds VERY…….interesting interesting like WEIRD interesting

  3. Emmy-nem :D says:

    Ya, Jim Benton has A LOT of books!! Like dear dumb diary, Frankie k stein, and this.

    • Frances (is awesome) says:

      i LOVE Jim Benton his books r halarious i have this and i read it over and over
      ( same with my brother )

  4. Karcasori says:

    i read dear dumb diary it was great

  5. beeli10 says:

    Sounds weird, but good review.

  6. crumb says:

    Good job. I liked the plot in the story. Nick M.

  7. cole the mole says:

    Sounds good.

  8. crab says:

    I like the book. I might read it. – Rylie

  9. alipie says:

    Cool, I’ll read it.

  10. bean burrito says:

    Is this a graphic novel

  11. bean burrito says:

    got it

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