The Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games

By Suzanne Collins

Wouldn’t you like to try to survive a trail of days with no food, no water, and no supplies? This is what Katniss Everdeen faces when she enters the Hunger Games arena. Alone, with the careers chasing after her, she teams up with a young girl, Rue, and they face the careers together. As Katniss is teamed up with Rue, their trickery does not end up well, after Rue faces death. Katniss is now with her District 12 partner, Peeta. Can she heal him and win the Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games is a great read. Suzanne Collins did a great job putting the book together, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes adventure, war, and realistic fiction, because the Hunger Games is the book to read. As you read you feel like you are in the story yourself, surviving with Katniss. I could not stop reading the best book I’ve ever read. If you want to read a great book of extraordinary writing, The Hunger Games is the best choice. Go to the library or bookstore to see for yourself.

Reviewed by Jack S.


13 responses »

  1. alipie says:

    I agree, Jack. Check out my review on it, too.

  2. marc13 says:

    Sounds great. I want to try it now.

  3. cole the mole says:

    I want to read it.

  4. lilypop says:

    good job Jack and it sounds good

  5. Frances(is awesome) says:

    Nice review sounds nice I want to read
    This nice book. NICE

  6. ross says:

    The Hunger games are the best.

  7. Karcasori says:

    iv seen the movie,U spoiled it by telling that rue DIES but over all u did a nice job

  8. Colindude says:

    I really want to read this book!

  9. Domo2 says:

    Nice i like it to

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