By Christopher Paolini

Eragon, by Christopher Paolini, is about a boy name Eragon who finds a dragon egg. The egg hatches and he names the dragon Saphira. Eragon is forced to leave his village, Carvahall, to hide his dragon before she gets too big. Eragon sneaks away with Brom, a storyteller from Carvahall. While traveling they are attacked by Urgals and Brom is killed. Eragon decides to go to the Varden, a group of dwarves, elves, and humans fighting the evil king Galbatorix. Want to know what adventures and dangers befall Eragon Saphira on their journey to the Varden? Read on!

Eragon is a great book filled with tons of breathtaking action. Christopher Paolini does a terrific job describing every scene, place, and battle. He also does a great job of developing each character and describing their features. You can imagine everything that is happening in the book. If you start reading this book, you won’t want to put it down until you’re finished. Overall Eragon is a must read book.

Reviewed by Colin


14 responses »

  1. The Epicnss says:

    The movie was good…..

  2. Colindude says:

    I have not seen the movie, but I want to.

  3. Emmy says:

    Awesome cover!

  4. cole the mole says:

    the movie is good but the book is better

  5. Eli10 says:

    I love this book.Good job Colin.

  6. Colindude says:

    My favorite book in the series is Inheritance, the last book.

  7. lilypop says:

    i really want to read this book it entrigues me to read the whole series

  8. CMonkey says:

    the movie and the book both look great. 😉

  9. Karcasori says:

    your review was just like coles but it was great, i know there r more books to earagon, what r they?

  10. Colindude says:

    There is Eldest, Brisngr, and Inheritance. They all are great, but I like Inheritance best.

  11. Colindude says:

    They are all about the same dragon (Saphira), but there are different dragons in the series too.

  12. Will says:

    I loved this book and the rest of the series. A definite fave of mine.

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