by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Shiloh, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, is about an eleven year-old boy named Marty Preston who lives in a small hilly town in West Virginia.  His neighbor, Judd Travers, is a cruel man with four dogs.  He gives his dogs horrible names and sometimes kicks them.  Once he even shot one of his dogs with a gun.  One day, Marty was playing around when he sees one of Judd’s dogs.  Marty calls the dog Shiloh, because he found it in front of Shiloh Elementary School.  Judd beat Shiloh for wandering off, and Marty gets indignant.  Every night, Marty dreams about having Shiloh as a pet.  A couple days later, Shiloh comes to Marty, so Marty builds a pen for Shiloh.  Can Marty keep it a secret from not only Judd, but also his parents?  If not, will he give Shiloh back to Judd?

Phyllis Naylor did a great job with the characters. She used different types of characters, cruel ones honest ones, and hopeful ones. She really described what they were thinking. You could really find out about the personality traits.

Phyllis Naylor also did an excellent job of describing the events. Like when Shiloh got chewed up by the chef’s German Sheppard you can Marty in despair. In fact you can feel whatever he feels, that’s how good Phyllis Naylor described events.

Reviewed by Carlos and Colston


3 responses »

  1. alipie says:

    Wow. This sounds like a great book. 🙂

  2. bean burrito says:

    this book sounds like a great book and i will make sure that i will read it this summer

  3. Emmy-nem :D says:

    Sounds awesome! i also like the cover! 😀

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