Elephant Run

by Roland Smith

Elephant Run is a book about 14 year-old Nick Freestone, whose parents are divorced. Nick lives with his mother in England but when World War II breaks out, he moves to Burma (which is now called Myanmar) to see his father, Jackson Freestone, who works on an elephant plantation. Japan is about to try to take over Burma, so Nick decides to go to Alice Springs, Australia with two other elephant mahouts, Mya and Hilltop. The Japanese capture them all and make them become their servants. Jackson is taken prisoner at a railroad camp. Nick, Mya, and Hilltop try to work together to get not only themselves out of this mess but also to get Mya’s older brother, Indaw, and Jackson Freestone out of this too. Can they do it?

This book is a great adventure book. It was written by Roland Smith who uses great, long, unique words. There is so much excellent description. He wrote about many interesting characters. Roland Smith wrote this book in 3rd person. This book is very exiting and interesting. You never want to stop reading it. At the end of each chapter, Roland Smith leaves you hanging off the edge of a cliff. There are so many things that sound fictional but then you say to yourself, “This really could happen.” Over all, this book was a great book.

Reviewed by Colston


8 responses »

  1. alipiepolarbear says:

    So, I got this book for my birthday and I wasn’t sure if I should read it… now I will! I’m going to go get it right now….

  2. Camille says:

    looks really good!

  3. Camille says:

    I feel bad that his parents got devorsed.

  4. alipie says:

    Ya… just fiction, though… 🙂

  5. colston says:

    There would be a different story if his parents didn’t get divorsed.

  6. Colindude says:

    Elephant Run looks pretty good. I might read it

  7. cole the mole says:

    I will read it sometime.

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