A Whole Nother Story          

By Dr. Cuthbert Soup

A Whole Nother Story is straight out hilarious. It is about an inventor, Ethan Cheeseman, and his 3 kids: Maggie, a great archer, Gerard, a weird 8-year old who collects dirt clods, Jough, a pitcher who can throw a monster screwball, a sock puppet named Steve who is very important, and Pinky, a dog who can sense danger.

In this book Ethan invents a time machine with his wife Olivia. The CIA is out to get it, so they kill Olivia. Before she died, she wrote the code for the LVR [time machine] but, unfortunately, it got split in half. Ethan could only find one of the halves. They are a nomadic family because they are always being chased, so the talented kids can never be normal or have any friends. Along the way, they meet friends like Jibby and his carnival gang and the poetic cowboy Buck Weston. Will Ethan find the other half of the paper or will the CIA get to it first?

This is Dr. Cuthbert Soup’s first book and the sequel is Another Whole Nother Story. I would read any of his new books because he is a hysterical author. I seriously recommend this book.

Reviewed by Declan


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  1. alipie says:

    I especially like the poetic cowboy, Buck Weston. I think Dr. Cuthbert Soup makes up hilarious names. For instance, when I read the second sentence of the review, I almost laughed out loud. Ethan Cheeseman! That is SO funny! I also like the sequel name, as well as the first book’s. A Whole Nother Story is such a creative name, and same with Another Whole Nother Story (well, that one’s sort of obvious after the first books name)… I wonder where Dr. Cuthbert Soup got these creative ideas! Declan- have you read the sequel? I am wondering about that one, too… anyway, I think I will read this book! (and possibly the sequel, too) The first chance I get I will check it out!

  2. alipie says:

    ya.. 😀

  3. bean burrito says:

    I have read this book many times iloved that book. I rated it at some of my top favorite books ilove the names that the author put in the story

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