Call Me Francis Tucket

By Gary Paulsen

Call Me Francis Tucket is a great book. It was written by Gary Paulsen, who has written many great books. The book is about a boy named Francis Tucket who uses his skills he learned in the first book, Mr. Tucket. When two men take all of his belongings, he nearly puts himself up for a goner, but then he finds revenge. While riding along looking for his Ma and Pa on the Oregon Trail, he finds a wagon with two children. He takes them along with him. He not only has to take care of himself, but the two children. Will he keep not only himself but also the two small children alive?

In this book, Gary Paulsen describes the characters in a special way. This book really has great flow. You can really get a big picture in your head. The characters are very different and interesting. Over all, this book was a great book.

Reviewed by Colston


15 responses »

  1. alipiepolarbear says:

    This looks great. .

  2. alipie says:

    I will read it as soon as I finish all the other books I want to read….

  3. sammy says:

    looks great. have you seen my review yet?


  4. lilypop says:

    that makes me want to read the book even more

  5. Frances (is awesome) says:

    looks nice + Francis Frances

  6. Frances (is awesome) says:

    my name

  7. Karcasori says:

    great job! what other books has he wrote?

  8. kacie says:

    So good! Just as good as the first book.

  9. bean burrito says:

    Sounds like a book i might want to read

  10. Colindude says:

    I havent read this book or Mr.Tucket, but I might read one of them soon.

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