By the Great Horn Spoon!

By Sid Fleischman

By the Great Horn Spoon! goes back to the California gold rush. A boy named Jack and his butler Praiseworthy want to go to the California gold rush because Jack’s aunt needs money to pay for their house. But Jack and Praiseworthy get robbed right before they get on a ship to California! So they have to sneak on the ship to California. Will they get caught, or will they make it to California untouched? Will they get back in time before their house gets sold? Find out in the amazing book By the Great Horn Spoon!

This is one of my very favorite books and I hope it is one of your favorite books, too. This book is one of my favorite books because it’s exciting and the book has great description. Sid Fleischman waits till later in the book to tell you about the characters and how exciting they are. If you read this book you’ll see what I mean.

Reviewed by Hayden


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  1. Camille says:

    This book looks really good!

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