By the Great Horn Spoon!

By Sid Fleischman

Twelve-year-old Jack has made a voyage to California with his butler Praiseworthy in 1849. His Aunt Arabella has run out of money and they might lose their estate! So Jack and Praiseworthy decide to go to the 1849 gold rush and make some money. Join them on their adventure as they encounter thieves, miners, tough guys who want to fight, and maybe even gold!

This book made me feel sneaky and clever. It is fun comparing how they made a living in the old days to now. If you do not read this book, you are missing out on a great gold rush adventure!

Reviewed by Jack


4 responses »

  1. colston says:

    I need to read this book. It looks so good.

  2. ethan says:

    when i read the book i felt the same way!!! :):):)

  3. Ethan says:

    And espeicially sneaky!

  4. alipie says:

    I would love to read this.

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