Catching Fire

Written by Suzanne Collins

As the sequel of The Hunger Games, Catching Fire is also a wonderful book. It is the story of a girl who is caught up in a miraculous journey in the world of Panem. Panem is the future of North America. Every year the Capitol holds the Hunger Games, where kids from the ages of 12 through 18 will be forced into an arena to fight to the death. Every twenty-five years the Capitol holds the Quarter Quell. The Quarter Quell is an advanced Hunger Games. In this book, the 75th Hunger Games will be the Quarter Quell.

This Quarter Quell the Capitol’s president will make an awful decision. The Quarter Quell is a reminder for the Hunger Games rebels, the people who fight against the Capitol, who plan to destroy the Capitol and have no more Hunger Games! That is why the Quarter Quell is held. This year, there have been so many rebels, so the president has decided to make it extra awful. What has the president decided? Will Katniss be chosen for the annual Quarter Quell? Read this dazzling book to find out.

I thought this book deserved a great review because every sentence creates a video click in your head. It is a descriptive, violent, and sad book. Collins writes with spirit, and has a feature not many people have: she can make the characters really stand out. If you read this book, you will see that Suzanne Collins is a truly amazing author, just like I did.

Reviewed by Alice


9 responses »

  1. sammy says:

    looks cool alice!

  2. Daeja says:

    I Can Definitely See My Self Reading This After Hunger Games.

  3. cheese man says:

    I’ve read this book to!!! It’s very good!

  4. alipie says:

    Ya, it is really good. Cheese man- Did you read mockingjay?

  5. lilypop says:

    After i read the Hunger Games i will definetly have to read this

  6. colston says:

    The Hunger games is a very good book so I will read Catching Fire after I read a couple other books.

  7. Karcasori says:

    every body is writing book reviews about hunger games but yours was really good

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