Young Man and the SeaRebecca Reward

I present this engaging book The Young Man and the Sea as the official winner of the yearly Rebecca Reward. I present it to this intriguing book because when I read it in September, I could see every movement of the characters. I could see the main character (Skiff) swimming in the ocean at night, or his father sitting on the worn down couch, drunk, or even the school bully teasing Skiff with a nasty song.

This book deserves this award so much in so many ways. Skiff has determination that makes you keep reading, and Rodman Philbrick makes you feel like you are standing right next to him in all of his adventures.  If you read this book, I am sure that you will agree that this book deserves a Rebecca Reward. Congratulations, Rodman Philbrick, with The Young Man and the Sea!

Reviewed by Alice

8 responses »

  1. Soph says:

    You are encouraging me so much to read this book. I think I’ll try it. Save the best for last.

  2. Daeja says:

    Okay, Nice!

  3. bean burrito says:

    Is this an honors reading book

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