The Whisper

The WhisperThe Whisper

By Emma Clayton

Mika and Ellie, two telepathic twins finally together again, will have to play along with the evil tyrant Mal Gorman’s plan if they want to ever liberate the army of children. The children have been brainwashed and micro-chipped, but the twins have one secret: they can control the army. However, Gorman has his own ideas. He wants Mika and Ellie to fly over the wall in a pod fighter and steal a top-secret serum from Raphael Mose. Gorman foresees a future in which he becomes eternally young, but the twins have their own secret plan. They can hear The Whisper and it’s telling them to lead their elite squad of mutants in a revolt that will either save it – or start a war.

The Whisper, the sequel to The Roar, has action-filled pages that pull you in. Because Emma Clayton uses wonderful words and description, there aren’t any pages that will bore you. “It flies along like a laser beam from a blaster,” says Eoin Coifer, and I completely agree. Once you start reading you will not want to stop until you reach the final page. The book draws out tons of emotion from you as you read, including happiness, laughter, and many others. Overall, The Whisper is a terrific book, and if you love tales of action and adventure, I would recommend reading this outstanding story, because you will definitely enjoy it.

Reviewed by Colin


The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring

Lord of the Rings Part One

By J. R. R. Tolkien

As Bilbo Baggins grows old, he adopts a son: Frodo, son of his cousin, Drogo Baggins. At Bilbo’s 111th birthday (and Frodo’s 33rd), Bilbo disappears and leaves most of his belongings in Frodo’s possession; among them sits the One Ring, made by Sauron. Frodo, along with three other hobbits, takes on a quest to destroy the One Ring. They meet up with a stranger, Strider, at the Inn of the Prancing Pony. They happen upon some of Sauron’s most evil minions at Weathertop, the Ringwraiths. They have trouble with Ringwraiths along the way, at fords and paths, up until the House of Elrond. At the House of Elrond, the group gets expanded to nine: four Hobbits, two Men, a wizard, a Dwarf, and an Elf. From the House of Elrond, they travel to Moria and beyond.

I liked this story because of the great action and plot. One of the best parts of the book happened when the Orcs of Moria tried to destroy the Fellowship in Moria, and Legolas (the Elf) shot two in the dark, in the middle of the skull. Soon after, the Fellowship tried to run and got pursued by legions of Orcs and an Elf bane, a Balrog. They escape and make it to the forest of Lorien, where Elves treat them kindly. Along with GREAT action, this book had excellent description and vocabulary. I recommend this book for all good readers who don’t get scared by violence.

Reviewed by Will

The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson could not read well. Apparently he was stupid. His friend, Grover, always followed him around, his mother, Sally, was married to Gabe (world’s worst step dad), who would treat Percy and his mother like bags of dirt. One day something terrifying happens that changes Percy’s life forever. He finds out that his dad is Poseidon and he is a half-blood. His mom is kidnapped by Hades, the Lord of the Underworld. Percy is horrified and wants to find his mother desperately, and is finally offered a quest. The only way Percy can save his mother is if he gets Hades the thunderbolt. Everyone thinks he has it but he doesn’t, the only way to save the world is if Zeus gets the thunderbolt by the end of the summer solstice. Percy has to make the decision of his life. Should he save the world or save his mother?

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is fabulous. There is a bunch of action and suspense. If you read the book it will also help you understand Greek Mythology and it might even scare you a little.  This book is also funny. Rick Riordan took his writing and brought it to another level. The world of nonsense wouldn’t be introduced if this book wasn’t written at all.

Reviewed by Camie

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

by James Dashner

The Maze Runner is a great book about a boy who finds himself going up in a box. His memory was erased and he only knew his name. The box stops and the doors open. He sees kids all around the box staring at him. He gets out and is very confused. Everyone talks about him, but they use weird words in the middle of the sentences such as “greenie.” All he remembers is that his name is Thomas. He doesn’t know how old he is or what his parents’ names are. When he steps out of the box and into the glade, which is a huge oasis surrounded in walls in this book, he sees about fifty boys. Alby, the boss of the place, explains that there is a maze on the other sides of the walls. Alby mentions the number one rule which is to never go into the maze if you are not a runner. He says that there are grievers on the other side of the walls and in the maze. He explains how the walls close every night. Thomas is very confused with all of the weird language. Will Thomas make it out of the maze alive? How will he survive? What will happen to him?

Chuck, his best friend, tells him that a new boy comes every month. But the story changes when a girl comes the next day. She brings a message saying “She’s the last one.” That means that kids won’t be coming up in the box anymore. She is unconscious and is taken up to a place where there are boys that try to bring her back to normal. Thomas thinks that she is familiar.

James Dashner really does a great job of putting good sentences in and describes Thomas well. I could get a very good picture in my head in the entire book. He never has a confusing sentence or a sentence that doesn’t go well in the book. He really does a great job of describing Thomas’s emotions and how he felt. He also really does a great job of describing what life in the glade is like. It was the best book that I have read over the summer. I really think you should read it.

Reviewed by Colston


Note from Ms. Lindsey – I enjoyed this book and I know several fifth graders are reading it, but I don’t recommend this book for younger readers (i.e. fourth grade and younger)  because there are some very violent scenes which could be disturbing.

Warriors: Omen of the Stars – The Last Hope

Warriors: Omen of the Stars

Book Six: The Last Hope

by Erin Hunter

The ultimate battle of Dark Forest versus StarClan and the cat clans approaches. The Dark Forest has recruited many Clan cats to aid them with killing the good cats in the world. Meanwhile, Lionblaze, Layfeather, and Dovewing search for the fourth cat in the prophecy, a cat destined to save the Clans with his last life. Then it hits them – Firestar, is the fourth cat destined to save the Clans, hence the earlier prophecy, “Fire will save the Clan.” Do not miss out on this great, action-packed adventure of epic proportions!

This is it: the final adventure in the whole series! I love the plot of the this story, down to the final leg of the battle, where Firestar takes on his old enemy from the Dark Forest: Tigerstar. Again, the characters were great and I love the personality and change of perspective. My favorite part in the whole series had to be the final battle, when the Dark Forest invades. I love the action-packed battle scenes down to the saddest part in the whole series. I definitely have to recommend this whole series to any fantasy reader. I know it’s my favorite series.

Reviewed by Will

Diary of a Wimpy Kid series

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series

By Jeff Kinney

Greg Heffley is a wimp. He’s always getting embarrassed and only cares about his career, and seems to only have one friend, Rowley. Rowley acts like a kindergartener, but Greg has to live with it. He always has a terrible situation in which it turns his life upside down. Greg needs to watch out, because some things are getting in his way.

I loved Jeff Kinney’s series of Diary of a Wimpy kid. They made me laugh my head off. What a fabulous series that has been introduced into this world!

Reviewed by Camille

The Forgotten Warrior

The Warriors: The Forgotten Warrior

By Erin Hunter

This story takes place in the lake territory. The loner Sol plans to spread false information through the clans. He says to attack WindClan, but he is actually planning with them. While spying on WindClan, Ivypool and Blossomfall make an interesting discovery- Lionblaze and Jayfeather’s sister, Hollyleaf, did not die. In fact, she is alive and well. The Dark Forest cats are preparing for a huge invasion, and they recruited many unsuspecting Clan cats.

This story had great flow and vocabulary. I loved how complex the story was, switching from one character to another, then another, then back to the first. Also, I liked all the different personalities from the different cats. One of the best scenes was when WindClan attacked and how Hollyleaf taught the cats how to fight underground.

Reviewed by Will



by Allie Condie

This wonderful book is about a girl named Cassia. She lives in the Society where the Officials decide where you work, who you love, and when you die. Sometime when you turn seventeen, you have the Matching Banquet. The Society chooses who you will marry and have kids with based on studies and statistics. That’s all they care about. Everybody thinks the Society is perfect and they wouldn’t be living without them. Until Cassia is Matched, she knows something is wrong. Now she has to decide between two impossible choices: Xander and Ky.

This story takes place in the future and is told by Cassia. I recommend this book to everyone who loves The Hunger Games. Matched is soon to be a trilogy. The three books are: Matched, Crossed, and Reached is coming out soon.

Reviewed by Jada

His Majesty’s Dragon

His Majesty’s Dragon

By Naomi Novik

This amazing book is the story of Capt. Will Laurence and his extraordinary dragon Temeraire. Laurence’s ship has captured a French frigate carrying a valuable dragon egg. When the egg unexpectedly hatches on the voyage back to England, Laurence becomes the owner/rider of the dragon, which he names Temeraire. Laurence and Temeraire undergo lots of hard training before they are placed in a formation. They soon meet two new friends, the dragons Lily, an acid spitter, and Maximus, a huge Regal Copper. Those two dragons are also in the same formation as Temeraire. This book is the story of the hardships and battles that the Laurence and Temeraire go through.

This story is told in the Napoleonic era, but Novik puts an interesting twist on it and has it fought with ships and dragons. Novik does a great job describing the characters and dragons. I have read many books with dragons, but never one quite as special as His Majesty’s Dragon. This is a great book filled with action packed aerial battles, dragons, and just is a great story overall.

Reviewed by Colin

Warriors: The New Prophecy – Midnight

Warriors: The New Prophecy

Book One: Midnight

By Erin Hunter

Brambleclaw, a young warrior in ThunderClan, was sent a dream from StarClan, the spirits of his warrior ancestors, telling of doom to the forest. They also say he must meet up with three other cats at the new moon. So they find out they have to go to the ocean to speak to Midnight. But the journey includes many perils such as a crazy old rogue who blindly leads them through the city and a rat attack in a garbage dump, among others. Finally they meet Midnight. She says the forest will be destroyed and some other things to the cats.

This book was one of Erin Hunter’s finest books. I liked how after the third chapter, she switched the view of the story from Brambleclaw to Firestar’s daughter, Leafpaw, then back and forth for the characters for the rest of the book. Also, as always, she has great vocabulary, flow, and put a lot of action into the story. I recommend you read this book if you haven’t, but read the original series first.

Reviewed by Will